…I became a Mad Men addict

My current time waster/procrastination tool is the show Mad Men. I haven’t been living under a rock, I was familiar with the plot from hearing all the ranting and raving from others, but I had other procrastination tools in place. Now, I’m one of those people who won’t shut up about how great the show is, how handsome Don Draper is, etc. etc.

This show definitely makes you think about different times.  I can’t comment on the accuracy, I’m not from the 60s nor have I researched that time period whatsoever, but it brings up some very obvious differences between then and now, particularly when it comes to women in the workforce and child rearing. I’m not getting into all that, only the 6 things that watching Mad Men makes me want to do on the reg:

Pink Lipstick

  1. Wear bright red or pink lipstick at all times. Is there much else that makes a girl feel instantly sexier? I went to a concert recently and wasn’t in the mood to spend a bunch of time getting ready, doing the hair, picking out an outfit, etc. so I went with dark jeans, a black v-neck tee and some mighty bright pink lipstick. Happened to get more comments on “looking great!” than when I waste all that time.
  2. Hair curlers. Whyyyy do these need to be so time consuming.   Continue reading